Multifunctional Hand-held

Multifunctional Hand-held Omniport 30 - Basic device

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Omniport 30 is a state-of-the-art handheld for precise measurement of various physical quantities, such as humidity, temperature, dew point, CO2, air velocity, volumetric flow and air pressure. The numerous probes all incorporate high quality sensors developed by E+E and offer a total of 23 measurands.


  • Features Continuous and single-point data logging with time and date stamp

  • Internal memory for 2 million measured values

  • 23 physical quantities (vary according to probe)

  • Capacitive TFT touch-screen

  • Up to 3 measurands displayed simultaneously

  • Real-time HOLD / MIN / MAX / AVERAGE readout

  • Data displayed as graphs directly on device

  • Integrated air pressure sensor

  • USB-connectivity for software updates and data transfer

  • Free data management software

  • User friendly operation

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